Stock in Focus: Lepanto Consol. Mining (LC)

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Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co. (stock symbol: LC) has had a tough time trading since my last post, as the intense battle shifted higher to the 0.40 area. Three months have past and yet this battle is still ongoing.

Philippine Stock Exchange, Lepanto Consolidated Mining_LC Daily chart, May 2, 2014

LC Daily chart, May 2, 2014

Despite the recent dips below 0.40, the Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) has stood its ground above the zero level.

Keep an eye on the line in the sand (0.40). Whichever side gives way, we could see a quick sprint (toward 0.30 or 0.50).

Do you have LC in your portfolio? Share your comments below!


  1. Meron ako nito. Tagal mo gumalaw LC!

  2. Closed @0.4150! This is it? 0.50 next? :)

  3. @Smiley

    Apparently, bulls are not yet ready to go there. :) You have to take out those sellers!

    Keep posting and let us know how it goes for you!

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