Stock in Focus: Philippine National Bank (PNB)

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Buyers have blown the lid off Philippine National Bank (stock symbol: PNB) since my last post back in early-April, breaking the deadlock which has kept price close to the 80 level for over 5 months.

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Philippine Stock Exchange, Philippine National Bank_PNB Daily chart, July 9, 2014

PNB Daily chart, July 9, 2014

We have a clear support around the 87-88 area, followed by 85 and 80. At the topside, the May high close to 95 is the only obstacle to a move toward 99-100. The latter could be reached in 2 to 4 weeks if bulls can gather a considerable number of troops.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is barely negative and could go either way at this point.

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