Stock in Focus: Paxys Inc. (PAX)

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Will Paxys Incorporated (stock symbol: PAX) wake up from its multi-year slumber below 4.00? We could probably find the answer to that question this year.

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Philippine Stock Exchange, Paxys Inc_PAX Daily chart, August 27, 2014

PAX Daily chart, August 27, 2014

Price gapped up on Monday last week following a relatively steep climb from the lower-2.00s. Ideally, 2.50-3.00 will hold as support. A break of 3.00 is necessary to keep bulls out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile, a break of long-term resistance around 3.50-4.00 would enable price to visit 5.00 and higher in the coming months and potentially end the year in a multi-year high (which is really very close by, if you look at PAX’s long-term chart).

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has been flat above the 80 level for nearly a week now.

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