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Trading Phoenix or TP is a professional trader and private fund manager who is looking to celebrate his 10-year trading anniversary within the lifespan of this blog. This blog is primarily geared towards the newcomers (those unfamiliar with Technical Analysis) and those who want to add some technical/timing tools to their toolbox. In this blog, TP intends to share some of the things he learned during the past several years (trading international instruments), in the hopes of reducing the “trading casualties” among fellow Filipinos, particularly those who are just starting out in this exciting career.

If I will be able to help a few traders improve or at least serve as their ‘trading compass,’ I would have fulfilled my goal.

Why the Trading Phoenix blog was built
TP explains the three core reasons why he created this blog: help, learn, and share:

I have been a forum member and lurker in various local and (mostly) international trading forums for many years. All these years, I have witnessed many newcomers venture into the field of trading (or investing, whichever you prefer to call it). I have noticed stories of triumphs (from professional traders like me), but there certainly were more struggles experienced in the process.

This blog aims to help new investors and traders stand on their feet by grasping the concept of what I regard as THE foundations of Technical Analysis – Support and Resistance, and Price Action analysis – which are actually applicable in and highly beneficial if used on any instrument, including the Philippine stocks or the Philippine stock market as a whole. Technical Analysis is universal! Several Filipinos we know use this and many more should too.

I have been wanting to try blogging but never got the sufficient time to do so in the past. I have heard about WordPress and other content management systems (CMS), and I have been curious about them for quite some time. Now, I got the opportunity to try blogging and enter the so-called blogosphere… and I grabbed it!

This blog will teach me about blogging in general and more importantly, challenge my time management skills. Moreover, I work with a small team of volunteers (part-time blogging and administrative assistants) who are also keen on trying out WordPress and learning how to program and work with HTML, CSS, and PHP.  Come and learn with us!

Just like many technical traders who love Technical Analysis a lot, I want to share my passion for Technical Analysis and spread all the good about it! Using Technical Analysis in trading is challenging, fun, and very interesting – and can even be a profitable way for you to trade.


Feel free to browse around and comment, but let us focus our discussions on Technical Analysis.

We invite you to join and get a Premium Subscription — learn and make a difference at the same time! Up to 80% of your subscription will be allotted to our chosen charities. Come and join us!

Safe trading to all and have a prosperous 2014!

Trading Phoenix: empowering Philippine stock market investors via Price Action Technical Analysis!



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