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The premium subscription is composed of a basic Premium package and a few Custom packages. A significant portion of the proceeds from the premium subscription will be donated to schoolkids (school supplies and/or feeding). God-willing, our first target this year is to jumpstart a regular (nutritious) feeding program for school kids to enable them to study and learn better. If we’ll receive strong support from premium subscribers, we’ve planned to do our donation/feeding program in Typhoon Yolanda-hit areas (school kids in Visayas) as well. With this endeavor, premium subscribers will be able to LEARN (stocks) and SHARE (blessings) at the same time.


  1. I like how you focus more on the risks of trading rather than profit targets. This makes your blog unique from any that I’ve seen among Pinoy trading blogs. Your charts are uncluttered unlike others too!

    The other thing I like is your blog articles serve as a warning signal for newbies like me, helping me avoid possible stuck stocks.

    Do you have a private group or newsletter where you send out more frequent blog updates? I think that would be of great value.

    Following closely…. Thanks Trading Phoenix!

    Monching from Texas

  2. So far so good, TP!!!!!!! (You are too conservative, though :) but i think that’s ok )

  3. Great blog TP. I’m learning technical analysis. This is a good addition to my study list!

  4. Please keep the updates coming. I enjoy reading your blog!

    Tam (posting from somewhere in the “States”)

  5. Boss TP, could you analyze the stocks of San Miguel Corporation and Top Frontier?

    I find your technical analysis articles very informative and VERY easy to read(following your blog since January!) I’m interested toknow your answer to Mon’s question as well. I’ve been increasing my savings (no debts anymore!) but I’m not too familiar with stocks and I’m busy with my jobs (my family is growing), so I would like to join your private group, if there is one, so I can save a lot of time and money, and avoid financial mistakes in my stocks investments.

    Thank you and please keep posting!

  6. Hello TP, I’m glad I’ve found your blog.

    Marami ako natutunan and I was able to avoid some mistakes (bibili sana ako ng istucks haha).

    Mas ok ang port ko ngayon, salamat sa blog mo!

  7. Hey everyone!

    I have been very busy in the past few weeks… house move, birthdays and birthday reservations, among others… :)

    Behind the scenes, we have been taking care of spammers in this blog.

    Take the time to relax with your family this holy week. Thank the Lord and count your blessings! And enjoy reading at least 10 new articles by weekend!

  8. Happy birthday to you and whoever celebrated! :)

    Salamat sa blog posts mo!

  9. Birthday mo rin ba? Belated happy birthday TP! Ayos ang blog mo, malaking tulong sa amin!

  10. hey TP, san na posts mo? Intay namin, tama na bakasyon, napasarap yata :)

    Informative blog so keep going lang…, nakatulong sa port ko.

    At belated happy birthday pala!

  11. Blessings and more birthdays for you TP!

    I too would also like to see more technical analysis from you, even if it’s paid… as long as its regularly updated. (I could just imagine the time you would spend to do lots of analysis onn a regular basis, so definitely your time should be compensated, to be fair)

    This would really help because I have no time nor the skills to read the price charts well. I have already invested a substantial amount on stocks and I would like to get some form of guidance so I can arrive at better decisions now and in the future.

    Please consider this idea!

  12. Belated Happy Birthday TP!

    I’m one of your avid followers! Once marami na ko natutunan sa charts mo, I will share whatever I’ve learned with my girlfriends. Surprise ko rin ang bf ko na may alam na ko sa stocks at technical analysis :)

    Thanks much,

  13. Belated happy birthday sir!

    Keep posting more charts! We heart your blog! Extremely informative for newbies!

  14. Hopefully you are back from vacation na! :)

    More posts please!! Belated too!

  15. Ok mga posts mo boss, pero nagtataka lang ako bakit bihira mo analyze ang mga mining stocks?

    Belated na rin boss

  16. Go go go Trading Phoenix! Ang pinakalagi ko inaabangan dito yung Weekly Analysis mo! Astig yun!

  17. Konti articles ngayon ha, bakasyon pa ren? Come back Trading Phoenix! Lage namen hintay articles mo! Thanks!

  18. Akoy isang ofw at nagpapasalamat rin sa blog mo TP. I find it hard to understand technical analysis, focus ako sa fundamentals lang, so nakakatulong talaga blog mo. Nagstart na b yung private group or membership mo? I am interested din. Thankx!

  19. Hello everyone! :)

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. It took me a long time to reply here because we got busy with spammers on this blog and other blog and personal stuff. Thanks to all birthday wishes, I did celebrate my birthday last month.

    Now, to answer the questions…

    @Mon, crewd, GAPdown&up, wacku,
    No, I don’t have a private group or newsletter. But I am open to that idea if there are enough people interested.

    My posts here are conservative because this blog was meant exactly for newbies. Therefore, I do not post “aggressive” ideas or advanced techniques which may harm them. I try to be as careful as I can for the sake of most newbie readers.

    I’m very sure you know by now that I granted your request just a few days after. :)

    @senpai ewan,
    I rarely analyze mining and oil stocks for 2 reasons:
    1. Mining and oil companies destroy our environment and our people benefit the least from these companies (foreigners take advantage of our resources). I never trade and I rarely analyze or post these stocks here as a form of protest.
    2. These stocks are volatile and therefore not advisable for newbies.

  20. Interested kami ng kaibigan ko sa newsletter. Weekly analysis pa lang panalo na. Personally, may ilang beses na rin ako nasagip nung analysis mo. Inform mokami kung kelan matutuloy!

  21. Newsletter! Sana as soon as possible habang mababa pa ang index at marami pang stocks na pwede ishopping!

  22. I just told my 2 officemates about the plan to have a newsletter. They told me they will also join pag natuloy na yung newsletter. Ituloy na yan! ituloy na yan!

  23. Hindi ba may kasabihan na “build it and…” we will come? Create the newsletter, basta wag mahal ha! Sana mga P1,000 or mas mura pa, para hindi masakit sa bulsa! Salamat TP!!!!!

  24. Oo nga naman TP, may ppoint si Lizzamae. Build it and we will come! Since on vacation ako, na-browse ko ng mabuti yung blog mo, nabasa ko halos lahat ng comments. Im taking this time to express my thanks na rin kay TP sa informative blog na ito.

    Isa ako sa mga silent readers mo in the past few months, busy sa work (OFW) kaya tahimik lang na nagbabasa. Im sure marami pa silent readers out there gaya ko na interested rin sa subscription or newsletter mo (last time I checked, you have nearly 30,000 visits) kaya sana matuloy na yung newsletter.

    My plan is to retire sa Philippines in the next 3 to 7 years, at ang balak ko mag focus sa business and stocks. I believe this blog will help me realize my plan. Mabuhay ka, TP!

  25. 30,000 visits reached just past midnight – on Independence Day. Amazing! Thanks to all our readers. :)

    @ tipaklong, Robertr, Lizzamae, dorsal fin,
    Thanks for your interest. Me and my small team have been discussing the idea of creating the newsletter or subscription. Maybe it will happen sometime in July or so, but we plan to roll out and test a few more changes (mostly aesthetic) to the blog (for our learning purposes). Our campaign against spam has worked out well.

    We already have our own ideas, but if you have any suggestions for the newsletter, let us know. We aim to give value for money – with an “exciting” twist (or twists!) that will surely SURPRISE everyone. My hope is to create a path and leave a mark. 😉 As I’ve mentioned in

    Thanks everyone, and safe trading/investing to all!

  26. Kamusta ka TP?

    I have read all the previous replies. May plano pala na magkaroon ng private newsletter? I am glad that you listen to your readers. I agree with them, magandang idea yun para mas marami kami mabasa and matutunan. Para may guide kami sa nangyayari sa stock market natin. Sobrang busy kami sa work, hindi ako nakakapagcomment dito pero this blog helps kasi totoong easy to read at marami ako napupulot.

    Para sa akin mura lang ang P1,000 per month as subscription. Modesty aside, I have a 6-7 digit portfolio and yung mga kilala ko, 5-7 digit portfolio naman. Most of my colleagues who are into stocks ay very experienced working professionals na. So relatively cheap ang price na yan compared to our portfolio, lalo na it’s for the benefit of our portfolio. Naka iPad at iPhone pa nga sila, yung iba naka Mac pa, yung iba nga dalawa or tatlo pa ang Iphone, pero ako luma na cellphone ko hahahahaha!

    I follow your weekly PSE analysis the most, because I believe it is the most beneficial sa lahat ng posts mo.In fact, I think kahit ito lang laman ng private newsletter mo, it’s really worth it, as long as you provide consistenly helpful analysis of our market. Pero kung may additional analysis pa na kasama yung newsletter, gaya ng blue chips, why not coconut? Hahahaha! Icing on the cake na lang yun.

    I am excited, I hope you will push through with the newsletter. I’ll tell my friends!

  27. July na. Any updates sa premium newsletter? Para sa akin medyo mura na yung P1,000 per month pero I hope may discount sa “early bird” members! Sure na sasali agad ako pag may ganyan!

  28. Pareng TP

    Babawasan ko na gimik ko, aral na lang ako stocks. Newbie ako 4 months sa investing….Mag-iipon ako to buy a few books and para makapag subscribe sa newsletter ng blog mo. Wala ako masyado mainitindihan sa movements ng stocks, pero somehow your charts and blog helps me understand what’s been happening sa PSE index pati na locall stocks natin. Ang kaso lang, agree ako dun sa isang nag-comment, sana wag P1,000 para mas magaang sa bulsa. (I must admit, mas mura na yung P1,000 newsletter mo kaysa gumimik ako or eat out sa restaurant wherein I fork out at least P1,500 to P2,000 for each gimik, puro expenses lang unlike this one). O kaya, may option na mas mura para sa aming nagsisimula pa lang. How many stocks should I hold? I have more than 10 pero karamihan basura.

    Thanks pare

  29. My Tita in Japan told me about this blog. I hope I will learn more from your premium newsletter.

  30. @Hermes,
    As a newbie, you should hold only a few. Make a serious attempt to trim your portfolio down, aim for 5 or so. Once you are experienced enough, you can have somewhere around 5 to 10 or more. Less stocks, less stress.

    Thank you @akosi…jericho, @Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs, @Hermes, and @TeresaS! :)

    We will definitely offer a very irresistible price for a small group of early bird subscribers whom we’ll call VIPs. “First come, first served”. We will launch the newsletter in 1-3 weeks. Watch out for it!

    You can express your interest here or thru our email: succeed.and.share (at) tradingphoenix (dot) net

  31. It has been a very tough week for the Philippines as Typhoon Glenda lashed out on our country. Many old trees have been uprooted, power lines downed, and water supplies have been cut off. Many other repercussions have been seen in other areas.

    It has been extra tough for me because I got sick just a day before Typhoon Glenda arrived (still a bit sick today). I thought I was going to get hospitalized for dengue fever (for the second time), but thankfully laboratory test results indicated that it was much milder than dengue.

    I really hope all, if not most, of you are now back to your normal life. I hope damages have been minimal.

    Let’s move forward! The rainy season is here, so be alert of future typhoons!

  32. Hello everyone!

    Our schedules have been pushed back (for many weeks and affected blog posting, blog administration, and launch of free and premium newsletters) because of the strong typhoon which hit us back in July. Let’s move forward!

    We have recently launched the free newsletter subscription. Those interested may subscribe here:

    We’ll test out our newsletter service for a few days or weeks. If we encounter very little issues, we’ll move forward and offer the premium newsletter subscription for those eagerly waiting and interested! We’ll provide more details in a week or so.

    To give you an idea, the premium newsletter subscription will offer analyses of the entire PSE index (30 stocks) plus 10-20 random (active) stocks, as well as the very popular PSEi Weekly Analysis (The Week Ahead). That’s a total of at least 40-50 articles. Premium Subscribers will receive all these each month.

    There will be options for people who prefer a custom subscription (good for people who trade only Mining & Oil stocks, or a certain set of stocks).

    In contrast, the free newsletter only offers analyses of each stock every 2-5 months. Here’s an example (Analyses of SM Investments on February 14, April 6, followed by the third post 4 months later):

    Long-time readers of this blog know that I very rarely analyze mining and oil stocks. I analyzed Nickel Asia (NIKL) for the very first time yesterday.
    Premium subscribers will have the option to avail of the custom package to get analysis of NIKL and similar stocks each and every month (2 analyses per stock monthly, to be exact).

    A significant portion of the proceeds from the premium subscription will be donated to schoolkids (school supplies and/or feeding). God-willing, our first target this year is to jumpstart a regular (nutritious) feeding program for school kids to enable them to study and learn better. If we’ll receive strong support from premium subscribers, we’ve planned to do our donation/feeding program in Typhoon Yolanda-hit areas (school kids in Visayas) as well. With this endeavor, premium subscribers will be able to LEARN (stocks) and SHARE (blessings) at the same time.

    The blog now has over 37,000 visits and close to 83,000 views. Not bad for a relatively new blog. Not bad at all. :) Thanks for your support! Keep your comments and emails coming!

  33. That’s a very noble goal. Waiting for the premium subscription! God bless!

  34. @cheskact,
    The Trading Phoenix team is keen on making a social impact, no matter how small it may be.

    The blog and free newsletter is aimed at helping traders and investors make well-informed and timely stock-related decisions. The premium subscription has the same goal, plus it aims to better the lives of schoolkids.

    If you believe in our cause, please share the blog with your friends and relatives!

  35. The blog has just breached tough resistance levels — 40,000 visits and 88,000 views! Thank you to all our readers! Keep your comments and emails coming. :)

    By the way, some of you might be curious: who reads our blog? Well, we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the stats we’ve gathered. Without revealing too much information, we can say that our visitors reflect a broad range of readers from around the world, from professionals working in big banks (must be traders?), universities (students and professors, perhaps?), and highly-established multinational companies.

    We’ll reveal more about this in the form of a trivia-teaser soon. We’ll likely put it on this page:

  36. Happy new year everyone!!!!! How are you doing?

    I hope everyone had a blast during the recent long holiday vacation. It took some time, but we will now release the latest articles (sorry, had an extended vacation! :) )

    Read the “2015 PSEI Year Ahead” article here:

    The all-new “Year Ahead” articles for the top 50 stocks will soon be released. It’s supposed to be exclusive for Premium Subscribers, but as a treat to all our readers, non-Premium Subscribers will get to read a FEW of these 50 articles. Subscribe now to get access to all 50 articles:
    Remember, your subscription will substantially go to charities/our charity fund. We donated to charity last year and we will do it as often as possible with your help.

  37. Hello everyone!

    The month of March is here! :)

    The past many weeks have been quite hectic for me. Several readers (premium and free) emailed us about some issues about the articles and newsletter and I apologize for these. I’m working on these and I’ll be rolling out one or a few updates soon. If you are a mobile reader (smartphones and tablets), then I think you will enjoy one of my updates soon. :)

    Thanks for your continued support!

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