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Why Should You Join? Here are 7 Premium Subscription Benefits/Contents

1. 30 PSEi articles

Many readers have requested regular updates of the Philippine Stock Exchange index stocks. Request granted due to popular demand!

As Premium Subscribers, you can now avail of monthly technical analysis of these stocks to help you make smart and timely decisions!

2. Weekly, Mid-week, and Quarterly PSEi Analysis

Where is the PSEi heading next week? This question is on top of each trader and investor’s mind quite often.

Premium Subscribers will get a constant bird’s eye view as they get comprehensive PSEi analysis. The popular weekly PSEi analysis (PSEi: The Week Ahead) is complemented by the Quarterly PSEi Analysis (every January, April, July, October) and occasional Mid-Week PSEi updates.

Premium Subscribers receive weekly PSEi analysis each week, unlike non-premium subscribers who will only have limited access (only 1 up to 3 weekly PSEi analysis per month).

The weekly PSEi analysis will guide you each week so you can act on your investments accordingly.

(Only Gold and Platinum subscribers will have access to the complete suite of PSEi Analysis: Weekly, Mid-week, Quarterly, Mid-Year, Annual)

3. Bonus technical analysis articles

Money can be made outside blue chip stocks. If you trade or invest on non-blue chip stocks, the Premium Bonus articles are perfect for you.

Aside from 30 PSEi stock articles, you will get up to 30 more articles each month (most active or promising non-PSEi stocks). That’s up to 65-66 articles each month! (excluding the Mid-week, Quarterly, Mid-Year, and Annual PSEi Analysis).

BENEFIT: Three of the keys to successful stock investing and trading are patience, picking the right stock (selection) at the right time (timing). Scan the Premium articles, reassess your portfolio, and select the best stocks you determine could give you the best returns. Find confirmations or heed TP’s warnings to manage risk.

4. T-CHARTs (Technical CHeatsheets And Risk Templates)

T-CHARTS will provide guidance to our Premium Subscribers, and can be conveniently applied by short-term traders or investors.

Is it time to exit or take profit? Can I still hold my stock for optimum returns? Where is the likely bottleneck or problem area? Am I seeing consistent price action? Is this stock still bullish/bearish? These are just some of the questions weekly T-CHARTS can answer for you. What’s more, T-CHARTS are laid out in an easy-to-read, table form so they are perfect for time-sensitive investors and traders!

5. Personalized Analysis

This feature is exclusive to VIP Platinum subscribers only (until October 25). Want a specific stock analyzed? Each VIP Platinum subscriber can choose 1 or 2 stocks among a basket of stocksChoose among the top 30 stocks based on free float market cap except PSEi stocks (as of September 28, 2014): RWM, PAL, NIKL, PNB, PGOLD, HLCM, CHIB, RRHI, SECB, PTC, UBP, RCB, MCP, COSCO, PLC, BEL, LRI, MWC, STR, VLL, PX, MACAY, FPH, DNL, FDC, TFHI, SEVN, CEB, HOUSE, PF. NOTE: If you choose 1 stock, it is changeable every 4 months (meaning, you can choose Stock A for the first 4 months, stock B for the next 4 months, etc.); if you choose 2 stocks, it is changeable every 6 months (twice a year); These are FREE during the first year only.

6. Premium Archive Access

Premium Subscribers will have exclusive access to all premium articles. You can even bookmark articles that you find worth reviewing at a later time.

7. Locked-in, Lowest price forever guarantee

Only VIP Premium Subscribers are eligible for this guarantee. Upgrade up to Platinum to maximize your savings. Remember, you lock in the LOWEST price for life! This is our way of thanking our early-bird, loyal Premium Subscribers!

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Subscription plans for LOCAL Subscribers: Choose between Annual, Semi-annual, and Monthly Plans

You can get big savings if you avail of the Platinum plan. We offer ZERO-RISK 7-day/14-day money-back guarantee for all plans (see FAQ)

Price GOLD

(P700 monthly)

(P9,000 annual)

P750 monthly

Premium Analysis: 30 PSE Index stocks (monthly)5 to 10 only (each stock analyzed once every 2-6 months)30 stocks30 stocks
Weekly PSEi AnalysisLimited (1 to 3 only)4 monthly4 monthly
Bonus articles (top and most active stocks)X15 to 30 articles monthly10 to 155 to 10
Mid-Week PSEi/Quarterly PSEiXYes/YesYes/YesX
Personalized Analysis: Choose your own stocks!X1-2* stocks monthly (a P600 Value, VIP only)XX
Access to Premium ArchiveXYesXX
Access to potential future offers (Exclusive promos, forum, chatroom, etc)XYesYes (VIP only)X
Locked-in, lowest price foreverXYes (VIP only)Yes (VIP only)Yes (VIP only)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. What are the goals of the Premium Subscription?


1. Share TP’s passion for Technical Analysis.

2. Be able to help investors and traders become independent enough to invest/trade on their own.

Unlike other subscription services that spoon-feed you with buy and sell recommendations, the TP Premium Subscription will give you essential tools and skills.

TP hopefully expects you to become experienced within a matter of several years (depending on your personal learning curve). By that time, you don’t need a Premium Subscription and would be confident and equipped to walk your own investing or trading path.

3. Create a positive snowball effect: every Premium Subscription helps improve the lives of school kids.

2. What do you offer in your Premium Subscription?


The Trading Phoenix Premium subscription features professional analyses of the entire PSE Index (30 stocks) and as much as 30 random active stocks, aside from the very popular weekly analyses (PSEi: The Week Ahead).

These insights are created to help you trade and invest smarter.

3. What makes your Premium Subscription different from others? Why should I subscribe?


That’s a very good question. The Trading Phoenix Premium Subscription is the FIRST and only one available in the industry that provides unbiased analyses.

Other commentaries/subscriptions in the industry are created by analysts that are employed by banks, stockbrokers, or third-party affiliates of banks/stockbrokers. Some local and international brokers even outsource their technical analysis articles. Writers of these articles may or may not be actual and professional traders.

Potential conflicts of interest may arise when you get stock recommendations from third parties (those involved in the stock market like brokers), putting investors like you at serious risk of losing money while they stand to gain from your trading and investing missteps.

Moreover, the Trading Phoenix Premium Subscription is the first and only one in the industry that is built with charity/philanthropy in mind right from the start. (Trading Phoenix = TPh = Team Philanthropy)

A significant portion of subscription proceeds (at least 20 to 50%) will be allotted for charity drives which will focus on uplifting the lives and intellect of public school kids.

Trading Phoenix and his small volunteer team have a strong belief in sharing, giving back, and making other people’s lives better. In effect, Trading Phoenix and his team are social entrepreneurs who help create change and uplift their fellow Filipinos. You, the subscribers, help make this goal possible.

4. What is the difference between the blog’s Free section and the Premium Subscription?


There is a huge difference.

Premium subscribers have the advantage of exclusive access to more information (since they also have access to the free articles), hence they can choose the best stocks to monitor and manage. Each month, the Free section offers analyses of: 10 up to 20 random stocks (only 30-40% of which are blue chip stocks) 1-3 weekly PSEi analyses

Each month, the Premium subscription offers: 40 up to 66 stock analyses (30 PSE Index plus 10-30 random active stocks 4 weekly PSEi analyses

5. Do you offer a risk-free, money-back guarantee?


Yes, we do offer a 7-/14-day RISK-FREE, money back guarantee. Please read our Refund Policy found in the Terms and Conditions page.

6. Who is Trading Phoenix? Can we meet him?


Trading Phoenix or TP is a fund manager and professional trader (stocks and international instruments) with nearly a decade of experience.

He is a firm believer in helping others (by leveling the playing field for new traders and investors) and sharing the blessings (thru charity). The team is committed to make a social impact especially on school kids.

TP has no interest in becoming famous, unlike some insiders or financial “experts” out there. He, along with his team, just want to share, contribute to society and take action by helping improve the lives of others (school kids, in particular). It sounds optimistic and idealistic, but having such optimism is much better than doing nothing.

TP would be happy to meet you in the future. If time permits, he will go along with the team on future charity drives.

7. Are you subscribed to any local stock subscription service?


Funny, but good question! 😀 The entire Trading Phoenix team is not a subscriber to any local or international subscription services.


Subscription Plans for INTERNATIONAL Subscribers: Choose between Annual, Semi-annual, and Monthly Plans. Save $55 if you avail of the Platinum plan.

Pay using credit card or PayPal (Pricing accounts for foreign exchange differences and fluctuations. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal’s service)

We offer ZERO-RISK 7-day/14-day money-back guarantee for all plans (see FAQ)

Price GOLD

($17 monthly)

($228 annual)

VIP $19 monthly

Premium Analysis: 30 PSE Index stocks (monthly)5 to 10 only (each stock analyzed once every 2-6 months)30 stocks30 stocks
Weekly PSEi AnalysisLimited (1 to 3 only)4 monthly4 monthly
Bonus articles (top and most active stocks)X15 to 30 articles monthly10 to 155 to 10
Mid-Week PSEi/Quarterly PSEiXYes/YesYes/YesX
Personalized Analysis: Choose your own stocks!X1-2* stocks monthly (a P600 Value, VIP only)XX
Access to Premium ArchiveXYesXX
Access to potential future offers (Exclusive promos, forum, chatroom, etc)XYesYes (VIP only)X
Locked-in, lowest price foreverXYes (VIP only)Yes (VIP only)Yes (VIP only)



  1. We’ll regularly update this page! Launching the service very soon!

  2. Up for a good cause!

    I’ll tell my brother and his friends who are into stocks trading,,, :-)

  3. Yes, please reserve me a slot for VIP.
    I am interested to join in the subscription.

    thank you.

  4. @Othello Real III,
    To be fair with all other VIP subscribers before you, kindly follow the instruction above to reserve your VIP slot. We now only have several VIP slots left (remember, “first come first served”), so I suggest you read the instruction and email us as soon as possible. My team reads every email and we will announce as soon as all 50 VIP slots are taken.

    We have experienced delays (largely because our Team/blog manager had encountered issues outside this blog) but we are finally set to launch the Premium Subscription this week. Our team will wait for your email. If you have just sent one, you may disregard this message. Thanks, we hope to see you on the Member’s Only page soon! W

  5. hope i can have a slot.

  6. @Rodillo,
    Sure, we still have some slots left. Kindly read my reply above and email us to reserve your VIP slot. Thanks, we hope to see you on the exclusive VIP list soon!

  7. Despite unexpected delays (as mentioned in a previous post, our Team/blog manager had encountered serious personal issues outside this blog), we have pushed forward. The time you’ve been waiting for has come! For all interested VIP Premium Subscribers, please see the updated page details above (new link is )

    Joining is an easy 2-step process: you just register, and send payment (BPI for local subscribers, and credit card/PayPal for international subscribers).

    We have tested the site for bugs and issues. Email us if you have questions or encountered any issues. Thanks and we hope to see you on the Premium side of this blog.

  8. My wife found this blog months ago through Google search while she was looking for news articles about JGS, Ayala Corp, and SM. and we are glad she found this site. We’ll get the platinum plan because it offers many features and is the best bang for the buck. We also love your advocacy to help us learn and share by donating

    Thanks And More power to you!

  9. Hi, Started investing last year. I hope to start earning next year!

    I am interested in the Platinum plan. I will email you thanks

  10. @srbija, ElsaBen,
    Thanks, we look forward to seeing you on the Premium side of the blog.

  11. I found this blog last week. Is the Platinum subscription still available? Thankx

    • Yes, still available. You can save up to P2,000 if you get the Platinum subscription. See you on the Premium side!

  12. Joining to get regular analysis of blue chip stocks. Rock on TP! Tnx

  13. Dear TP I subscribe now to platinum will I get instant access as in right away or will I still be waiting for your confirmation. I would really love to access the information you offer.I’m into stock investing since last November 2014 and I stumbled upon this site somewhere and I’m quite interested and curious of the kind of system you guys follow. More power ad hope to hear from you soon.

    • @Jasper,
      Sorry for the delayed reply as I didn’t see your comment much earlier (I’ve been doing the blog admin and maintenance work all by myself these past many weeks). Yes, you would get instant access to premium content once you subscribe to Platinum. Get a Platinum subscription by March 31 so you can access all the Premium content for the month of March. I’ll be rolling out additional Premium content for March, exclusively to all Platinum members (my way of saying “Thank you” for their continued support to this blog’s cause).

      Once you subscribe, a big part of your subscription would go to charity. Therefore, you learn and share! Thank you for supporting this blog! :)


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