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  1. pls include me in your mailing list of stock news. tks

  2. @ Rosario,

    Sure! Kindly fill up the form above. We are testing out an automated newsletter. Thanks for you interest!

    Kindly email us if you encounter any issues. Our emails are found in the Contact page:

    Premium subscribers will have a separate newsletter or will have to login to this blog to get premium access. A significant portion of the proceeds from the premium subscription will be donated to schools/kids. God-willing, our first target this year is to jumpstart a regular (nutritious) feeding program for school kids to enable them to study and learn better. If we’ll receive strong support from premium subscribers, we’ve planned to do our donation/feeding program in Typhoon Yolanda-hit areas (school kids). With this endeavor, premium subscribers will be able to LEARN (stocks) and SHARE (blessings) at the same time.

  3. Subscribed! Thanks TP! More power sa iyo!

    • @Deutsche stuck,
      Deutsche in-house trader? :)

      Thanks for your support!

  4. Subscribed for free newsletter! thanks TP! God Speed and More Power!

  5. Hi, interesting website on PSEI! It is really hard to get trustworthy and actual information on the PSEI and stocks. I am investing from the Netherlands where Inlive with my Filipino wife.
    Two stocks that brought me big losses are Max’s and 2Go group. Specially on 2Go there is no information. So no idea why the price went down so much since last year. Same for Max’s. The takeover of Pancake house, the 100% stockdividend, the follow up ipo with the price even under current price. What happened, why and how can you anticipate on these developments. Can save me a lot of money! 2Go went from 1.60 up to 6 peso today down to 3.71. What will happen in near future?
    Hope to get answers here.

    • @ Martin

      Hello Martin! First of all, I’d like to say that we have many readers from around the world — from over 100 countries, in fact. We are happy that you took the time to post a comment (most readers do not post here, probably due to their busy schedules).

      May I ask why you invested on those 2 stocks? It’s true that there is a scarcity of relevant and prompt information. And whenever there is abundant information, it often serves to confuse us, rather than inform us. Often, news cannot explain the price movement of a stock, or when news comes out, it is already too late for you to act.

      In general, news is meant to confuse us and provoke us to make more (buying and selling) decisions, and ultimately, more mistakes. I am in the camp of professional traders who suggest to most people to stay away from too much news and sticking to a few trusted sources. Why? So you can avoid information overload.

      You should be wary with ALL that you read, see, and hear (including content you see from this blog). You have to use your personal judgement to:
      A. select your trusted sources,
      B. assimilate content pieces that works for you/resonates with you, and
      C. sift through all the unwanted and unnecessary information out there. DISINFORMATION is rampant in the internet.

      I attempt to anticipate developments by carefully analyzing charts. I also monitor news, and like many traders I do A, B , and C above. But most of my analysis comes from the charts. Charts serve as footprints of potential future developments. Elephants can hear using their feet. Charts serve the same purpose.

      I can do an analysis of 2GO and MAXS this weekend. Let me know if you want that. If you prefer to have monthly/regular analyses, I suggest you get a Premium Subscription here:

      By the way, there is a potential supertyphoon heading to the Philippines. I hope your wife’s family have already prepared for it.

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